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Spirited Leadership brings a new paradigm for your success and your leadership…


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What is spiritual wellness?

  • Discovering and connecting to your own spirit and what it means for you
  • Letting go of old or fear-based beliefs that are hindering your own expansive path
  • Cultivating your intuition, your spirit-led choices and practices that work for you
  • Integrating your spirit into your career, your workdays and the way you lead

Our spiritual aspects of us as humans have not been fully accepted in our work lives for generations. 

It’s time to discover what our spiritual connection means for us as individuals, how it can restore and sustain us, and how it can expand our experience at work.


First, reflect on these questions:

  • Are you feeling burnt out at the end of work days or unfulfilled in the morning when you wake up?
  • Do you feel inside that your work is not fully aligned with who you are or what you want, but you are unclear, stuck, or doubting yourself?
  • Do you have a spirit-led life but not sure how to integrate it into your work life and leadership?
  • Are you interested in diving deeper into your spirit side, but you feel too busy with work and life to cultivate it? 

If you resonate with any of these, you may sense a calling to explore Spirited Leadership.

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What is spirited leadership?

Spirited Leadership supports leaders like you in restoring, sustaining and aligning their work lives through their own spirit connection and cultivation so that they can be deeply fulfilled in their work, expand and thrive in their leadership, and leave a meaningful legacy.

“What’s been awakened in me is confidence in following the breadcrumbs and there’s an excitement that comes with that for me.  Before I had this strong sense of being a lone wolf and out there on my own and it was really uncomfortable.  Now I know I have a choice between following the status quo which will always be there or leaning into the playfulness and lightness that I now feel and haven’t felt in years.” Geoff


We, Kris and Sara, the founders, found in our own journey that along with the success in our careers and our leadership was effective, they felt something very vital was missing in our work experience. We were suppressing our truest essence and life-force…our spirit. 

As we experienced burnout and emptiness, we began to be more open to exploring connecting with our inner spirit and trying new practices. 

We found and came to trust our own intuition, our big and small choices became more spirit-led (and more aligned!), and as we cultivated the practices that were effective for us as individuals, we began to truly become ALIVE in our work and thrive in our leadership. 


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You can have this, too.
You CAN be spirit-led at work.
We can guide you back to your spirit and what works for you.

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who is this for?

Spirited Leadership is for the leader and professional who: 

  • Wants to dive deep into and connect their own true essence
  • Is in career or life transition and seeking clarity around their most authentic direction
  • Wants to deepen their purpose and fulfillment in their work and career
  • Is connected to their spirit but feels too busy to cultivate a practice or integrate it into their workdays
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  • We are NOT a guru outside of yourself to follow
  • We do NOT have the answers of what’s right for you
  • We do NOT offer or teach a new doctrine to learn and believe
  • We do NOT adhere to one spiritual or religious belief system or practice

“I now have confidence in not pushing so much and really honoring my mid-line and spiritual side.  I’ve really learned to slow down and honor myself.  I’m able to be present in a way I wasn’t before. I’ve had a life mission for years that I haven’t made progress on and I realize now that’s because I’ve been trying to do it from an old paradigm.  I feel a new, deep shift towards realizing my mission, my purpose.”  Fred

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