Participation Agreements

I agree to honor the privacy of other Spirited Leadership participants. I will not share privately or publicly what any of my fellow participants share in Spirited Leadership gatherings and provided communication platforms.  I will not share photos of my fellow participants unless I have their express permission to do so.

I agree to participate fully in the journey and to bring my whole life to the experience.

I agree to attend the full retreat from beginning to end, and will not book flights or transportation during any of the scheduled sessions. 

I agree to attend the two 90-minute monthly gatherings and will hold these times as sacred.  I agree to come on time, prepared and ready to be fully present.

I will proactively communicate with one of the facilitators if I will not be on time or if I am unable to participate in a gathering.

I agree to set aside two hours in my schedule per month to fulfill on the personal and team integration practice for the month.  I’m aware this often means incorporating the practice into a current meeting with my team.

I agree not to share Spirited Leadership materials with people and organizations who are not paid participants in Spirited Leadership.