Winter immersion

The Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion in Mexico

A Luxurious Cutting-Edge Retreat for Leaders and Visionaries.

January 29th – February 3rd, 2024
Tulum, Mexico.

You’re invited to a retreat experience that explores a new paradigm of leadership and spiritual wellness. The Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion is a sacred pause and radical disruption where you’ll redefine the course of your year. If you’re claiming 2024 as the year you revive your inspiration, expand your leadership, and grow your capacity to show up and serve,

let this immersion be your catalyst.


Start 2024 with an Experience
Like No Other

As you enter the start of a new year, the Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion beckons you—a sanctuary for the soul yearning to expand their capacity for leadership. This is not just a retreat; it’s an immersive experience tailored for leaders and visionaries like you, seeking the extraordinary in 2024.

Picture this: a luxurious retreat in Mexico, where the heat of the Temazcal and the cool transformative power of the ocean become your guides. Where you’ll indulge in delicious plant-based meals every day, and gather with like-hearted people to grow and expand. The sacred lands around you will become your catalyst, leaving you inspired to begin the year in a fresh space of creativity and leadership.

This is your invitation into a sacred pause to realign you for the year ahead.

“Surrender, Savor, and Serve” will become your mantra—a bridge from the hustling workaholic culture and into spirit-led leadership. A space to release that white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel of your life and rediscover the magic and miracles that guide you daily.

Prepare to be surprised by yourself—tapping into unknown possibilities and leaving with insights you never expected.

Join us this month for the Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion—a cutting-edge experience that will recharge your inspiration and expand your capacity for leadership in 2024.

Revive Your Soul, Redefine Your Leadership.

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Enter the Sanctuary of Casa Maya Kaan…

For 6 days and 5 nights, the private seaside retreat of Casa Maya Kaan in Tulum, Mexico will be your home.

Nestled on sacred, life-giving ancestral land on the oceanfront of the Caribbean Sea, Casa Maya Kaan is more than a venue—it’s a sanctuary. Surrounded by the sunrise, ocean, and breathtaking jungle, this space isn’t just a beautiful backdrop for this immersion, it’s a vital part of the experience.

You’ll have the option to book your stay in one of three luxurious rooms…

Shared Oceanside Glamping Tent
Imagine being lulled to sleep by the sounds of ocean waves and greeted each morning by the sunrise spilling across your bed. Each tent features two queen beds, electric service, and fans to keep you cool. Did we mention that every night the staff will light candles to guide your way in?

Private Ocean View Suite
Enjoy your own private oasis with a gorgeous soaking tub and ocean view. With a beautiful king sized bed, air conditioning, and your own en-suite bathroom, this is perfect for the couple or solo traveler who desires to have their own secluded retreat at the end of each night.

Shared Jungle View Double Suite
Fall asleep every night to the soothing sounds of the jungle inside this luxurious casa. With two queen beds draped in canopies and a private terrace to enjoy those warm Caribbean nights, you’ll experience next level relaxation inside these double suites.

Immerse Yourself in Spirit-Led Leadership at Our Mexican Oasis.

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Meet Your Guides

🌺 Kris Boesch: Embodied Awakening and Liberation Kris’s commitment lies in embodied awakening and liberation. Her journey, sparked in November 2020, led her to a profound realization after a life of hustle: she had spent years in anxious striving for the future, neglecting the present. In a dark night of the soul, she surrendered to the unknown, emerging with a new way of living—fully participating in each beautiful, mystical moment. Kris, the CEO and Founder of Choose People, offers leadership insights cultivated over a decade, featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. She is also the author of “Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace.”

Kris offers guidance on relationships, team dynamics, motivation, overwhelm, anxiety, and indecision.

🌈 Sara Aumann: Connecting Through Loss and Grief Grief became Sara’s companion and teacher in 2015, losing family members and experiencing profound loss. This disorienting time birthed a more authentic path, leading Sara to connect people with life’s essence through the lens of death and grief. Trained by leading companies like Walt Disney Co. and Vail Resorts, Sara combines formal leadership expertise with intuitive gifts in mediumship, reiki, psychic reading, yoga, raw vegan cooking, and oracle card reading. She brings healing through singing, creating ceremonies, and holding sacred space.

Sara offers guidance on romantic relationships, death, grief, and holding sacred space.

Create a New Paradigm of Leadership

Welcome to leadership, redefined.

The Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion isn’t your usual “leadership and wellness” retreat. It’s a sacred pause and radical disruption where you’ll redefine the course of your year.

This immersion is not about handing you a to-do list or telling you what to do. It’s an invitation to stand side by side with a community of fellow leaders, where guidance is a journey of embodiment and shared practice.

What this immersion isn’t…

  • A “how-to guide” on how to show up as a leader.
  • A hierarchy between us as the guides and you as the participants.
  • Another retreat talking about high level “mindset” or “routine”.

What this immersion is…

  • An invitation to surprise yourself and discover new ways to grow your unique leadership.
  • An experience facilitated by us as your guides – and not your directors. 
  • An immersion into practices from ancient traditions and healing lineages worldwide.
  • A space of transformative conversations within our community of leaders.
  • A sacred reset with personalized 1:1 guidance sessions and nourishing experiences.
  • A sanctuary to revive your inspiration, creativity, and service.

The Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion is for those who want to create a new culture of leaders, together.

If you’re not here to play in the old, but to be a part of the co-creation of the new, this immersion is for you.

Join Us for a Powerful Realignment Into the Highest Possibilities and Potential of 2024.

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What’s Included

The Spirited Leadership Winter Immersion is a luxurious experience that provides…

🌴 6 Days/5 Nights Stay at Casa Maya Kaan: You’ll spend 5 breathtaking nights inside the sanctuary of Casa Maya Kaan, a private oceanfront retreat located within an eco reserve. These sacred grounds will hold us as we connect, ground, and expand our hearts, minds, and creative energy.

🍽️ Gourmet Plant-Based Meals: All your meals are included during your stay. Every day, you’ll indulge in fresh, locally sourced, plant-based meals, made by Casa Maya Kaan’s on-site chef!

🌟 Daily Group Sessions: Each day, Kris and Sara will guide our group through a rich offering of discussions, activities, and interactive experiences. This is the heart of the retreat, where you will connect with your fellow leaders and expand your own capacity for leadership and vision.

🌟 1:1 Spirit-Led Session: You’ll be gifted a private, 1:1 session with either Kris or Sara – where you can choose from a Geometry of Grace reading, mediumship session, oracle/tarot session or an energy healing session.

🌅 Temazcal Ceremony: Experience a traditional Temazcal with our intimate Spirited Leadership community. The Temazcal is an ancient ceremony that is part sweat-lodge and part cleansing ritual designed to profoundly reconnect you with yourself.

🌅 Fire Ceremony: We’ll gather together and experience Abuelito Fuego (grandfather fire) to learn how the ancient Maya honored fire and its role in our lives. Dancing and basking under the waning moonlight, we’ll experience a true Fire Ceremony.

🌬️ Breathwork Experience: Led by our resident breathwork expert, Georgia, you’ll be guided through a deep breathwork class to learn how to use your breath for self-renewal and insourcing anytime, anywhere.

🌊 Ocean Activities: On Casa Maya Kaan’s private white sand beach, you’ll have the opportunity to go swimming, paddleboarding, and kayaking (or sunbathing if that’s more your speed)!

Post-Retreat Integration Sessions: After the immersion ends, you’ll be invited into our post-retreat online integration sessions to support your smooth integration and transition back to your daily life.

With optional add-ons:

💆 Mayan Abdominal Massage: Combining traditional massage techniques with energy work for holistic rejuvenation, let our on-site bodyworker treat you to a sacred Mayan Abdominal Massage!

🌴 Group Excursion: You’ll have the option to join us for a breathtaking tour of the ancient Sian Ka’an Biosphere. An authentic way to explore the Riviera Maya, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sustainable nature reserve. It’s the largest protected area in the Mexican Caribbean with stunning lagoons, animals, birds, and so much more.

Please note that airfare and the airport shuttle are not included in the retreat price. However, Kris and Sara are happy to book group airport shuttle services, as requested.



Is this retreat for men and women?

Yes! All are welcome (21+). This is a retreat for every soul that knows they are called to serve as expanded leaders in this lifetime. If you feel a resonance to join, you are invited to come.

Is airfare included with the retreat cost?

No, airfare is not included. This would be difficult to arrange as in the past we have had people from all over the world attend our retreats. While we don’t book your flight for you, we are more than happy to help you choose a flight that works best with the retreat schedule!

How can I book transportation from the Cancun airport to Casa Maya Kaan?

Kris and Sara will be arranging group shuttles, as Casa Maya Kaan is 2 hours from the Cancun Airport. With a split cost across our group, right now the estimated quote is $55 for each way. We’ll provide more details upon reserving your spot!

Will 2024 Be the Year You Meet Your Highest Spirit-Led Potential?

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