The Journey

Spirited Leadership is a seasonal choreographed journey where you will discover and practice living and working from your inner guidance and divine wisdom. 

Our offerings are not about tips and tools to optimize productivity and improve on an existing paradigm of how you do work.  We are disrupting the anemic and anxious ways of doing work through a step-by-step, living systems experience. You will integrate practices that lead to deep transformational shifts and tap into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Ongoingly experience:


RELEASING yourself of past paradigms, belief systems, conditioning, obstacles – anything that does not serve you and your highest purpose.


ROOTING in an unshakeable deep knowing that provides profound expansive holding power and confidence to accomplish your heart’s desire.


REMEMBERING we exist inside a unified cosmic consciousness and have access to our shared vision, limitless potential and creative expression.


RISING by tapping into divine wisdom and aligning with your true essence to cultivate a state of tremendous flow, ease, trust, clarity and confidence in any moment.


RECEIVING energy through you, being a conduit, channel and a clearing for divine wisdom to deliver unexpected discoveries and insights. 


RECLAIMING wholeness and being of service in a way that is aligned with your soul’s calling, reclaiming your capacity to catalyze high frequency communities.

The choreography

A seasonal quarterly experience designed for ease, clarity and resonant action. 

On this journey, we align ourselves with the wisdom of nature by honoring the seasons. Each quarter we focus on a theme that expresses the spirit of that season.

There are two ways to step in and begin your journey with us. You can join us for one of our in-person Surrender, Savor & Serve Immersions and/or you may choose to join us online for three months of Seasonal Deepening and Practice. Both offerings are described below in more detail.

Surrender, Savor & Serve Immersions

Become fully immersed with fellow edge-walkers in the 5-day experience of Surrender, Savor and Serve.  We will begin our journey together with an opening ceremony. From there we will dedicate one day to Surrender, one to Savor and one to Serve.  In these three days you will receive and experience powerful sustainable practices to root Surrender, Savor & Serve in your life and in your work. On the last day, we will integrate, close the circle and carry our discoveries and transformations home.

Our Summer Solstice Immersion will take place at Brave Earth in Costa Rica from Monday, June 19th through Friday, June 23rd

– 5 nights of beautiful jungle private lodging
– Delicious nourishing locally sourced meals
– Temezcal (sweat lodge)
– Cacao ceremony
– Local hot springs excursion
– Transportation to and from Brave Earth
– Follow-up integration session

Flight is not included nor is Sunday night lodging on the 18th in San Jose.

Investment: $3000

Seasonal Deepening & Practice

Inside of each season’s theme, we dedicate three months – one month to Surrender, one to Savor and one to Serve.  Inside each month, we gather online twice to deepen our practice and integration of this work. 

There is a New Moon Practice Gathering and then a Full Moon Deep Dive.  These are experiential 90-minute Zoom sessions.  In these sessions you will also discover how to share these practices with your team as a leader or those you serve as a practitioner.

In addition, each season we will come together as a spiritual community committed to the shared deepening of our lived wisdom.  We do not walk this path alone.

Lastly, this offering also includes access to three one-on-one coaching sessions.

– 3 Practices of Deepening & Integration
– 3 New Moon Practice Gatherings
– 3 Full Moon Deep Dives
– Committed Intentional Community
– 3 One-on-one Coaching Sessions

Investment: $3000/season

Upcoming Summer Deepening & Practice Itinerary
All times: 9:00-10:30am PT/12:00-1:30pm ET
– Monday, July 17th, New Practice
– Tuesday, August 1st, Full Deep Dive
– Wednesday, August 16th, New Practice
– Thursday, August 30th, Full Deep Dive
– Thursday, September 14th, New Practice
– Friday, September 29th, Full Deep Dive

Ready to step in?

If you feel called to express your true essence more profoundly and to inspire those on your team and/or those you serve to do the same, then this work is for you.

To take the next step, connect with us.

If you would prefer to first experience this work by joining us for one of our monthly online moon gatherings, let us know here.