About you


You are an edge-walker.  You are curious and seek the next breakthrough in what’s possible.  You’re a courageous explorer who is willing to try on new experiences and disrupt the current paradigm. You’re willing to do deep work and go towards your own resistance knowing therein lies the rich soil of your potential.

Dedicated Leader or Practitioner

You are a leader of a team who genuinely cares about people.  You’re self-aware and you know your team is a reflection of you.  You also know leadership is an “inside job” and are dedicated to deepening your own development.  You share your own struggles and insights with your team to empower their own discovery.

You are a practitioner of your expertise and you see how this work can benefit both you and the collective through those you serve.  You’re self-aware and see the powerful impact of your work when you are resonant with your true nature. You also know how you can only serve to the depth you have developed your own lived wisdom.

Energy Steward

You believe in an energy essence that is both you and beyond you – something that connects the greater collective. Perhaps you call it God, Divinity, Cosmic Consciousness, Spirit, Source, Higher-Self, or Universe.  Regardless of how you choose to name it, you honor both the opportunity and responsibility of being a conduit of this energy. You also honor sovereignty and acknowledge each individual is on their own path of discovery.

Who we are for you

We are your guides, fellow edge-walkers and soulmates in learning and growing within the container that is Spirited Leadership. 

Spirited Leadership is a reclamation of our shared divinity in our work communities.

Although we are the conduits for this work, this work is not ours.

It belongs to you and to the world as an entity that wants to exist and cause transformation for the ways we show up and respond within the context of work. 

Kris Boesch

Kris is committed to our embodied awakening and liberation.

The moment that inspired Kris to create this work happened in November of 2020.  After living a life of accomplishment that came from the manic hustle of the business world, Kris realized in a light switch moment that she had spent most of her 47 years in a state of societally applauded anxiety – always striving for the future, never living in the now. She got clear that she was DONE “proving and improving” at the expense of actually savoring her life.  She was catapulted into a 6-month long, dark night of the soul where her identity and everything she knew about success was completely stripped away.  After surrendering to the chrysalis of the unknown, Kris emerged with a new way of living: participating fully in the expansiveness of each beautiful, mystical moment of her life.   What has blossomed out of that awakening is a life that is more off-the-hook than she could have ever imagined.

Kris offers a rich background of leadership experience, including over a decade as the CEO and Founder of Choose People: a company that supports organizations in creating thriving workplace cultures through the development of emotional intimacy, camaraderie, and team cohesion.  She has been featured as a workplace culture expert in Inc., Entrepreneur and Forbes and was named one of the “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” in Inc.  She is also the author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. 

Kris loves to offer insights and guidance around sacred systems, workplace culture, team relationships, motivation, overwhelm, anxiety, and indecision.

Sara Aumann

Sara is committed to people being heard and known. 

In 2015, grief became Sara’s constant companion and teacher. She lost her father, two brothers, grandfather, and a pregnancy in a 16-month window and was sent on a deeply contemplative journey.  While this was a disorienting time in her life, she came out of that experience on a more authentic path through life.  Since then, she has been called to connect people to what matters the most in life through the context of death and grief.  To fulfill that purpose, she has spent thousands of hours in healing work. All of these experiences have opened her heart, deepened her compassion, and awakened her spiritual gifts. 

Sara’s diverse work background includes personal and professional development, hospitality, global travel, and business ownership.  She has been trained by the best companies in their fields, including Walt Disney Co., Hard Rock International, Vail Resorts, and Landmark Worldwide. In addition to her formal leadership training, a major influence on her coaching and leadership style has over twenty years of experience traveling to fifty-four countries.

Sara brings an array of intuitive gifts to the table and is trained in mediumship, reiki, psychic reading, yoga, raw vegan cooking, and oracle card reading.  She also has a passion and gift for healing through singing and creating ceremonies and sacred space.

Sara loves to offer coaching on romantic relationships, death, grief and preparing for the loss of a loved one.