About Spirited leadership

Spirited Leadership came about through years of our own discovery. Now we want to share what’s possible with you.

We believe:

  • You have the answers within you. We help you find them there. 
  • You are autonomous, sovereign and free to be exactly where you are on your journey and to make your own choices.
  • We are only guides to support you on your journey to reconnect.
  • You are not like anyone else, you will have your own unique spirit-led journey and practices.
  • We trust your inner-knowing and you will know which spirit-led practices and modalities feel coherent and are in right relationship for you.
  • While you are on your own journey, you are not alone – together we discover more about ourselves through others and in community. 

In each of these areas – work, leadership, and spiritual wellness – we allow the process to unfold for each person. 

The three pillars of our process are to:


You will discover what surrender means for you. However if we were to offer a starting place, we would offer surrender is letting go and letting the flow of life guide you.

There’s often a letting go of control or forcing, and then allowing.

Quite often, surrender first requires listening. Listening for where you are being guided. Listening for your truth. And then trusting.

It can look like following the joy or what’s life-giving.

Surrender does not mean being passive or giving up. Surrender is an active practice – and often a courageous one too.


You will also explore what savor means for you.

Savoring often looks like pausing and presencing the wonder in and around you.

With savoring you can relish this very moment and all the magic it contains. You can experience the mystical in the mundane.

For example, if we pause to realize everything had to happen exactly as it has happened for millennium to arrive at this moment of you reading this.

Or perhaps you simply notice the beautiful pattern in a honeycomb.

With savor, gratitude often arises as well as awe.

for us as individuals, how it can restore and sustain us, and how it can expand our experience at work.


And lastly, you will deepen what it means for you to serve.

Serve may require first looking at how you serve yourself and how you honor your own being.

Serve may ask you to question your conditioning, to question the obstacles that keep you from following your true heart’s calling.

Only you know your soul’s path. Only you can determine if the words you say and the actions you take are in resonance or dissonance with your essential nature.

Inside of serve we remember our wholeness and the wholeness of others and see where we can be a contribution in creating more love, peace and harmony.

In all of our offerings, we guide you through this process.

We support you to:

  • Discover what Surrender, Savor and Serve is for you
  • Explore, learn about and try on different practices from a variety of ancient traditions, healing modalities, and meditations – from cultures around the world
  • Experience living more coherently and in right relationship with nature, the cosmos and the seasons
  • Receive specific one-on-one guidance sessions to support you in where you are in your particular journey
  • Experience new kinds of conversations, cultivate new relationships through our community of leaders like you and share the journey with them.
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